Locomotive hit a truck loaded with olives 1 dead

The locomotive hit the olive-laden truck. 1 dead: The locomotive hit the olive-laden truck trying to cross the level crossing in Adana.

In the accident, the driver of the truck, Xander XI, Uzeyir Melik died.

The accident occurred at the level crossing at the entrance of Adana Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB) around 05.30:10 today. The locomotive from Yakapınar to Adana was hit by the 8650 H XNUMX olive-laden truck under the direction of Üzeyir Melik while trying to pass through the level crossing at the entrance of AOSB. Allegedly trying to cross the crossing while the barriers at the level crossing were closing, the TIR turned to the opposite lane of the road when the locomotive hit. While the driver of the truck, Üzeyir Melik, who stood crashing into the palm tree in the median, died at the scene, the olives on the trailer were scattered on the road.

Upon the notice of the people around, police, ambulance and Metropolitan Municipality officials were dispatched to the scene. Üzeyir Melik's body was taken to the Adana Forensic Medicine Institute Morgu after the examination. The road, which was closed due to the olives scattered from the trailer, was reopened with the help of AOSB's bucket. While it was noted that one of the barriers was destroyed in the accident, it was stated that married Melik brought olives from Edremit District of Balıkesir to Adana.

Police investigating the security camera on the level crossing continues the investigation into the accident in a multi-faceted manner.

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