Problems of the Logistics Sector Talked at ITO

The Problems of the Logistics Sector were Discussed at ITO: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was organized by the Vocational Committee of the Transportation and Logistics Services 24 on TO Blocking Logistics Movements in Transport ul.

Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, Member of Board of Directors of KURİKAD, made a presentation about the obstacles in front of logistics in the meeting where issues related to the current problems of the sector were discussed.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce Chairman Oguzhan Berber, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ibrahim Caglar, UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, UTIKAD Board Member Kayihan Ozdemir Turan, UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Ugur and many sector representatives She attended.

The meeting started with the opening speech of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ibrahim Caglar, UTIKAD Board Member Kayihan Ozdemir Turan, made a presentation about the barriers to logistics, such as the weight limits applied to the vehicles on the roads, the negative reflections of the changes in the customs legislation and the correct construction of the logistics centers.

Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, in the light of economic developments in recent years, drawing a further increase that gold than ever of the importance of logistics in Turkey's development against this sector, he said the practice affects negatively.

Turan stated that the weight limits applied in line with the current regulations on the highway do not meet the expectations of the sector especially for the support of the rail and combined transportation. Iki Two-axle motor vehicles with two or three-axle semi-trailers carrying different sizes of containers as a continuation of the combined transport should be able to reach 128 tons of weight ın, he said.

Reminding that one of the transportation barriers that adversely affect the logistics sector of our country is traffic restrictions, Turan said, “At the top of these obstacles; Heavy vehicles wishing to cross from Asia from Europe and Europe to the Asian side are prohibited from passing between 06:00 and 10:00 in the morning and between 16:00 and 22:00 in the afternoon with the decision of the Istanbul Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) . Vehicles banned from traffic move at the same time as of the time the ban ends. This situation causes vehicle piling, long vehicle queues and the traffic in the region to be negatively affected ”he said.

Iyor Road Restrictions Affect Haydarpaşa Port Traffic Negatively “

Turan also said that this practice is especially felt in Haydarpaşa Port connection to East Marmara, where our exports are intense, and our country's competitiveness on a national scale has weakened due to the increase in transit times and increasing costs. Turan, "which is one of the most important intermodal terminals from Haydarpaşa Port path, an arrangement that will allow traffic to move without the ban of heavy vehicles will have indirect contribution to the indirect exports to Turkey," he said.

On the other hand production centers and organized industrial zones in Turkey, it should be connected to the ports with railways and at this point, logistics centers reminiscent forefront Turan, logistic centers While planning the transportation and noting that there has been overlooked logistics infrastructure, said:

M Today, the structures named hizmet Logistics Center ıza with the way of editing are unfortunately in a structure far from serving the purpose. Even so, some logistic center candidate areas do not even have road connections. Similarly, there are no railway connections to ports close to logistics centers. As UTIKAD, we are continuing our research studies in order to establish these centers correctly and provide high benefit especially in intermodal transportation. UT

Kaldır Restrictive Barriers on Industry Should Be Removed “

Referring to the amendments made to the Customs Regulation, Turan said, yer With the amendment made, full containers brought by sea to the customs zones are not allowed to be taken to temporary storage areas without scaffolding connection except for the mandatory cases to be determined by the ministry. As a result of the change in question, goods cannot be removed from containers by the port operators and other organizations to the temporary storage locations established outside the ports. With this application, the port areas are already full. These negativities experienced in our ports negatively affect both our sector and foreign trade. Liman

Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, in the economy of the country in order to provide full benefits from the logistics sector, said that the obstacles to transport should be eliminated.

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