Lawyer Sarıoğlu wagon repair factory should be evaluated as visual field

Lawyer Sarioglu wagon repair factory should be considered as visual field: Re-privatization issued a tender Malatya Wagon Repair Plant has made a written statement about Malatya Bar Association previous presidency and Turkey lawyer Selahattin Vice President Sarioglu, "Wagon Repair Plant 'indoor and outdoor areas must be sold to Malatya visual it should be considered as an area. alan
Stating that the Wagon Repair Factory is a value for Malatians, Sarıoğlu said, ası We have a wreck left in 76 housing, kitchen, halls, 50 thousand square meters building and 500 thousand square meters (acres) land as in 1989. . This wound was made as a Wagon Repair Factory, but it was later revived from this, but we have the value of a building and land that is not added to the economy with a transformational attack. The building, which is made in a modern style, paint, whitewash, coatings, taps, toilets, cabinets, windows, kitchen worktops, heating system with decay, shedding process. This situation, public administration in terms of direct bribery of the goods and the lightest of the negligence of the task, "he said.
Emphasizing that the people of Malatya should own their own property, Sarıoğlu said:
Ir The people of Malatya should no longer stand up to claim their property and mobilize managers who cannot show the will to take a step. Because managers can not afford to 'difficult' can not be opened to any project other than 'sat survive'. The 5 acres of 500 parcels of the plant are now being re-sold separately and the process of receiving bids has started. The current zoning status of the factory land is in the form of industry and storage area. With this zoning status, it is possible to sell the 'blood value' land at a very low price to the center, where the 15 is so close to the center. It is even more likely for the powerful people to acquire the land to change the zoning status as a residential area. It is a historical necessity and a debt on the neck of all of us. So, for three to five cents of land, it should not be sold to the ambition of private property by selling it. Öy
Selahattin Sarıoğlu, who suggested that Malatya Wagon Repair Factory should be added to Malatya, said ı Malatya is very close to the center and it is on the side of the main road which provides access to east-west-south direction. In this respect, this land, especially the apricot, Malatya, cherry, walnut, apple, such as the entire production stages of the fruit of the 'artistic apricot garden' or the Akçadağ Sultansuyu Horse Rearing farm, considering the proximity of the hippodrome or both tourist gardens they should be evaluated together as a hippodrome. The existence of the building should also be considered after the evaluation style is determined but urgent maintenance-surveillance works must be carried out in order to prevent the process of decay-spillage. Bina

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