Raft laying process accelerated in Konya

The railway laying process in the region has accelerated: After a long winter period across the country, Konya Metropolitan Municipality accelerated its work in various areas.

After a long winter, prepared in summer, the city center continues its activities in Konya. Konya Metropolitan Municipality started spring works. After a long winter, the spring began to show his face, the Metropolitan Municipality park garden, tree pruning and rail laying process accelerated. For a smoother and more beautiful city center, the Metropolitan Municipality started to care for the trees in the center. The municipal officials who work devotedly give great importance to the pruning of the trees and the aesthetics of the gardens.


Zafer-Aladdin continues to work on the rail, Metropolitan, accelerated the process of laying the rail. The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its excavation work meticulously, also treats the historical artifacts unearthed during the works. Citizens of Konya stated that they are satisfied with the work of the municipality and wished that Konya would have a better summer season.

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