Kocaeli Metropolitan will take two trams

Kocaeli Metropolitan will take two trams: today's meeting of the Metropolitan will be very busy again. The parliament, which will present the annual report for the year 2014, will also ask for permission for two new trams to be purchased by the municipality.

The meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of April will be held today at Leyla Atakan Cultural Center. Election of members of the Council in the Assembly, the establishment of Specialized Commissions and elections will be held. 145 agenda item in the Assembly of the Financial Services Department's 2014 Year Annual Report will be held. Agenda item 3 district sports hall for 1000 people, additional tram purchase 2, Animal Market and Exchange items will be sent to the commissions.


2014 fiscal year income expenses to be discussed in parliament will be evaluated. The CHP and MHP groups are expected to express their opinions on the annual report, while Deputy Chairman Nevzat Doğan is expected to chair the meeting. For the 10 kilometer tram line to be built by the metropolitan area between Sekapark and Otogar, additional 2 trams will be brought to the parliament. With the approval of the purchase of the 10 tram, two additional trams will be required for the purchase of two additional trams. The agenda will be sent to the Plan and Budget Commission.


Assembly in Durhasan neighborhood 20 thousand 155 square meters on the area of ​​Izmit Municipality Animal Market and Stock Exchange will be allocated for the establishment of space. With this study, especially meat prices in the city will be kept under control. Metropolitan Municipality Başiskele, Kandira and Kartepe will make a thousand-person gym. Authorization will start work for the halls of the province.


13 thousand 816 square meters located in the parliament next to the Faculty of Dentistry in Basiskele will be allocated to the Presidency of Religious Affairs and this place will be used for educational purposes. This year, the Metropolitan will again distribute to 6'nin grade students will receive approval for tablets. The municipality will distribute about 30 thousand tablets this year. The agenda item on the tablets will be sent to the Plan and Budget Commission.

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