Keltepe Ski Center Tender

Keltepe Ski Center Tender: AK Party Karabük Deputy Osman Kahveci, Keltepe Ski Center construction tender will be shot and completed the tender gave the tender.

Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci continued his intensive parliamentary work and on the other hand he follows the investments to Karabük. As a result of his efforts during the General Directorate of Forestry and the allocation of the place to the foundation of the facility to be transferred to the General Directorate of Youth and Sports Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci, the project closely followed the project and gave the good news that the tender was made. Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci made a statement on the subject, the story of the snake returned to the story of the Keltepe Ski Center Facility gave important information about.

Kahveci gerçek Our dream of Karabük has long been a dream come true. The construction of the Keltepe Ski Center, which has been spoken by the public for many years, is underway. As a result of our long efforts, our ski center, which had previously been granted trail allowance, was taken into the 2015 investment program of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the tender was approved in March and the tender was approved. Daha

In the coming days, the construction of the Keltepe Ski Center 13 Million TL tender, facilities 900 meters long, 705 person capacity telesky and 958 meters long, with a chair lift capacity of one thousand 200 people will be found in the accommodation facilities of the day that expresses Osman Kahveci, ına Karabük and neighbors Keltepe Ski Center, which will serve our citizens in Bartin and Zonguldak from our provinces, will be beneficial to all our citizens. ım

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