It snowed in Kartepe in April after 21 years

After 21 years, it snowed in Kartepe in April: Due to the snowfall that started yesterday in Kartepe District and turned into a blizzard after midnight, many vehicles were left on the way to the hotel and ski resort area without chain. The snow depth in the hotel area also increased to over half a meter at noon.

For the first time since April, 1984 in Kocaeli snowed in April. The snow thickness at the Kartepe Ski Center was 65, but the ski slope remained closed due to the strong type and fog.

In April, 31 was the first snowfall in April. The last 1984 in April, the city was learned that the snow fell. Kartepe Ski Center was recorded as 50 inches in the morning. Snow all day long found 65 inches in the afternoon. Due to the strong type and dense fog, the ski enthusiasts could not go on the runways. The tracks are expected to open tomorrow. Our province saw the latest 1984-9 rating in April.


In Kartepe, where snowfall was effective, roads to the summit were closed. Tools and rescuers had to wear chains. Tens of vehicles had to wait at the roadside for hours. The snowing in April amazed everyone.


There was still snow in Kocaeli. At the summit of Kartepe, the snow began to snow from the 01.00 the night before on the snow which did not melt in the 'Transmitter Station gece area. The road to the station is closed again. The regions like Umuttepe and Ilimtepe also got their share of the snow. However, snowfall ends this morning. Even if the sun shows itself, the night air will cool down again. Morning and night temperatures below zero could be specified. Temperatures are expected to increase after next Tuesday and Wednesday.