Field Work Conducted in Kars Logistics Center

Field Work was Performed at Kars Logistics Center: The Logistics Center planned to be opened with the commissioning of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway line, a delegation from the relevant Ministry, Kars Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) Director Filiz Çalış and company officials They made extensive investigations.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey by application of the new Logistics Center project, after taking 10 days ago, about the contractor firm, began drilling in the area came to Kars with Ministry officials and survey activities.

It was learned that the application of the Logistics Center, which will be established in the area between Paşaçayır Mahallesi and the Cement Factory between the existing industrial zone and the second organized industrial zone, was carried out 10 days ago and then the ministry and company officials came to Kars.

Making a statement on the subject, OIZ Director Filiz Çalış said, “We are on the field trip of the Logistics Center together with the staff of Ataç Engineering and Transportation Ministry, which is the contractor firm of Kars Logistics Center and Railway connection application projects. The contract was signed with the firm in question on April 9, and the site was delivered on April 24. Logistics Center will be deployed on an area of ​​30 thousand hectares. This trip is the first field trip after the delivery of the place. We are doing this field trip with 4 Ministry officials and 3 company officers. We, as OIZ, provide technical support. ” - KARS


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