Japanese TAISEI seeks unpaid benefit

The Japanese TAISEI company is after the unpaid money in Marmaray: The Japanese TAISEI company, which makes Marmaray, has been chasing its unpaid receivables for 1.5 years. In a letter to Erdogan and Davutoğlu, the company warned that “It affects our position in the next infrastructure projects”.

In Marmaray, which connects the two sides of Istanbul from underground, the Japanese company claims that the payment they deserve was not made. The Japanese company TAISEI, which built Marmaray, has been chasing unpaid money for 1.5 years. In a letter to Erdogan and Davutoğlu, the company warned that “It affects our position in the next infrastructure projects”. The Japanese firm TAISEI complains that the additional expenses of the Marmaray, which President Erdogan wanted to catch up to October 29, 2013 and which was opened that day. The company, which wrote a letter to everyone from Erdogan to Davutoğlu, wants 200 million dollars. The Japanese company TAISEI, which built MARMARAY, not only did not fulfill the promise of 'meeting the additional expenses' given to them in return for the fast completion of the job, and mobilized both the Japanese government and all Turkish authorities from President Tayyip Erdoğan to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and relevant ministers. by sending a letter, he warned that “It affects our position in the next infrastructure projects”. Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime Ministry officials stated that they were grateful to the company, they empathized with them, but they did not find the pressure they applied to be correct. Ministry officials said, “It is possible to speak of a slowness, as required by the promises given; but the firm should do things duly. They also said, "There are exorbitant prices."

President and CEO Takashi Yamauchi, on behalf of the Japanese TAISEI group, which is a partner of GAMA and NUROL, wrote to President Erdogan on the Marmaray Project dated 30 January 2015: “Mr. President, the contractor at the opening ceremony of Marmaray More than a year has passed since your appreciation. At the request of the Employer for Marmaray to be put into service, we speeded up the work. We were able to succeed by making extraordinary efforts to compensate for delays beyond our control that our employer had recorded, and by including additional resources.

Much of the enormous additional costs incurred for the business to be put into service on 10 October 2014 are still pending, as we notified by letter on March 29, 2013 to get your support. This cost, which is approximately 200 million dollars, includes approximately 120 items. Despite securing a sufficient amount of JICA (Japanese Development Agency Fund) loans and also assuring that an early agreement will be reached by the end of 2013 from the Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs, Binali Yıldırım, the issue has still not been resolved and our cash flow was seriously affected. In the next part, the right to appeal to local and then international arbitration in case of disagreement is pointed out, and it is complained that the local arbitration's decision on 2 issues is not implemented. In the letter, which also stated that this definitely means a breach of contract, it is stated that "This is not acceptable by us". The letter notes that it is not possible to go to arbitration because of the "unprecedentedly long time" of the employer's additional cost investigations. The letter, which was requested from the President to give the necessary instructions in order to go to arbitration and take a decision from there, ends as follows: “We offer our thanks and sincere gratitude on behalf of the Contractor for the support provided by your individual to the project. Also, as you said to us, we're working hard to continue to contribute to Turkey's most important infrastructure projects. However, I am deeply concerned that if the above-mentioned issues are not resolved in the long term, it will significantly affect our future position. I sincerely hope that financial matters related to the support of your individual will be settled and paid without delay.

The officials of the Ministry of Transport gave the following information on the subject: “Indeed, we do not understand that the contractor firm exerts pressure on the President, Prime Minister, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Economy. We have met them many times since November. The consultancy firm Avrasya, where there are British, Danish and Turkish, was spoken to with the firm, showing the necessary goodwill and empathy. The order for speeding up was given and the necessary action was taken and Marmaray opened, we are grateful. Within this framework, 320 million dollars of work has been done, 120 million of which have been paid. For the rest, documents were requested, folders and files were sacks. This document does not come duly. Payment will be made when the transactions are completed, and we anticipate payment for March-April-May. As long as certification takes place. "

YAMAUCHI sent the same letter to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. referring here to the letter dated 2014 and which place the same content Yamauchi, Turkey's most important infrastructure projects of the sentence stating that they continue to work to support, "President Erdogan, as he said to us" penned by reminding you. In the last part of his letter, Yamauchi reminded that they sent a letter to President Erdogan in order to get his support, saying, 'I want to inform your self.

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