Wagons for Iraq Railroads

Iraq produced wagons for Railways Departed: Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) by the Iraqi State Railways (IRR) for installing sent from passenger cars produced 14 Derince Port.

As of April 2014, 6, TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Manager Hikmet Öztürk stated that 4 passenger wagons, which were completed at the end of 2, were loaded from the Derince Port and sent to Iraq as of 2 April 14. Öztürk said that the sea route would be safer due to the internal turmoil in Iraq, and it was decided to transport the wagons to Baghdad via the Umm Kasr Harbor of Basra. Expressing that TÜVASAŞ has accelerated the export of foreign wagons and has made efforts to increase its market share in international markets and will continue to contribute to the economy of our country, Öztürk added that they can continue producing passenger wagons for Iraqi State Railways in the coming years.

Pullman carriages of the type and design of the project entirely carried out by TÜVASAŞ 54, 55 dinner, bed and kuşetl the 40 20 capable of carrying passengers. This luxury passenger cars capable of speeds up to 160 kilometers, air conditioning, automatic gate system, has dual air brake systems and toilets in each wagon.

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