Dream project 1300km / s high speed tube train reaching speed

Dream project High-speed tube train reaching 1300km / h: Musk, one of the founders of Hyperloop, Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, is a high-speed tube train project that reaches a speed of about 1300km / h. The project, which is stated to be established between San Francisco and Los Angeles in the first place, can cover the 643km road between these two cities in 30 minutes.

Several steps have been taken for the Hyperloop, which operates on the principle of high-speed movement of the capsules in a pressure-reduced vacuum steel tube with the help of a compressor and magnetic power.

The project work, which was the dream of Elon Musk about two years ago, is currently carried out by HyperloopTransportation Technologies, which was delegated by about 100 engineers from companies such as Nasa and Boeing. Under the leadership of CEO Dirk Ahlborn, the Hyperloop project, which will offer 1300km / h of passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco, promises to be implemented within 10 years. The formation has also taken the first step for this: for Hyperloop, agreements have been signed at QuayValley for the construction of an 8km trial road. Construction is planned to begin in the next year.

The construction of the trial road will show how successful the project will be in real life. The trains tested here will not reach the speed of 1200 km / h, but the working principle of Hyperloop will be clearly demonstrated. In case of any problem, the roughness of the project will be removed in real time. Apart from that, Musk states that a similar method will be built in Texas.

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