Ski Competition Held in April in Hakkari

Ski Competition was held in Hakkari in April: Hakkari Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate organized a ski competition in the men's and women's categories.

At the Merga Butane Ski Resort with an altitude of 12 at the 2700 mile from the city, the Veterans U-40, U-16 Men and Women Ski Competition in five categories and 18 athletes participated was quite a challenge. At the end of the competition Yusuf Kazandıoğlu men in the women, while the first woman lawyer Burcu Karın first, U-16 Sinan Akmaz men, women in the category of Buse Ertunç, U-18 Zana men in the first. The cup was given to the athletes by Youth Services and Sports Director Reşit Güldal and his retinue.

Hakkari Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director, Reşit Güldal, Veteran, U-16 and U-18 young men and women categories of competition with the participation of the 40 athlete said. Güldal, X People in many cities entering the sea in the province of Merga Bütan Ski Center 12 km 1,5 meters still have snow. We have organized a competition to turn this into an advantage. The interest in the ski resort is growing every day, Kayak he said.