Georgia Railways Participate in Viking Project

Georgia Railways Participates in Viking Project: 15 April 2015 participated in Viking International Intermodal Transportation and Logistics member tolerance at VNNXX in Georgia Railways. In the meeting, for Georgia Railways; It was described as a participation that would allow expansion and growth for the Vikng project. providing connection between existing transportation network in Scandinavia-Black Sea-Turkey project, so that it can be accessed from -Bulgaris Belarus-Ukraine-Romania via Georgia to Central Asia.

One of the important links 2 as seen on the map Moldova, Ukraine and Romania drekt connection with the other, Turkey Halkalıis ending. After that also, not mentioned on the map Arabian Peninsula through Turkey, Iran and Izmir harbor, the Aegean and Mediterranean look. Of course, Mersin Port Connection is important for the Mediterranean. Anyway, my real mind is; Currently, a railroad project between Armenia and Iran is under construction. In addition, the link between Armenia and Georgia should be improved. With the participation of Georgia in the project, when the other projects are completed, in the following years, the connection to the Indian Ocean and South Asia can be established via Black Sea-Georgia, Iran-Pakistan or Iran-Central Asia and even Iran Bandaar Abbas Port. Why do I mention this connection, among the routes that I mentioned earlier, Georgia Instead, these links can be provided through Turkey. This would be a great advantage for our country, but, for some reason, we should not be surprised that our country does not have this important connection, as we are busy with other jobs instead of completing the projects that will quickly connect Europe to Central Asia and the Caspian region via Georgia. When the projects of other countries are completed, there will be no need for our country on the routes I mentioned above, only if the confusion in Syria and Iraq continues these days, there may be a connection within the Arabian peninsula. There is also a connection between the Aegean and the Mediterranean. However, the biggest cake of Georgia's railroads in Georgia in April 15 will move with Georgia.

On the other hand, the railway project between Bulgaria and Greece is on the agenda. In this way, the Black Sea-Aegean connection is considered. With this project, if we think that Greece will participate in the Viking project in the future, the Aegean and Mediterranean connections will be provided through the port of Piraeus in Greece. This will naturally affect our country. For now, these are my predictions. But when we look at the railroad projects of other countries at present and in the future, I can say that this prediction is likely to be realized, taking into account world political policies.




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