The railway will pass through

The railway will pass through Gerede: Good news for the train line project, which is of great importance for Gerede, was given. The cost of my project was announced as 3 billion pounds. Accordingly, a new train line between Arifiye and İsmetpaşa is planned.

Meeting with the heads of the chamber of commerce and stock exchange in our country before the June 7 parliamentary elections, Chairman of the Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ersin Kaşka, connected to the Gerede Organized Industrial Zone via Gerede-Bolu-Düzce via the Gerede-Bolu-Düzce Railway on the 35 km distance from Gerede. investors in the region, especially in the region of investors to meet the needs of rail transport, bringing attention to the need for cheap transportation railway.

AK Party Provincial Chairman Yüksel Coşkunyürek and management, along with the nominee candidates for the visit to Bolu TSO Gerede important for the cost of the train line project will go to the cost of the 3 billion pounds announced.

Coşkunyürek Yuksel said: "Turkey itself 2023 2053 vision and draw us together as we strive to draw this vision to Bolu. We have started a very important project that will increase trade in Bolu and carry it to the future. I hope when this project is realized, we have another project after that. These are crazy projects that will carry Bolu to the future. We all appreciate the creation of a new train line between Arifiye and İsmet Pasha and its importance for the Bolu economy. The cost of the project is 3 billion pounds. There are currently preliminary studies on this subject. I hope our deputies will follow this study after their election. Another project that we care about in terms of trade will be the construction of a new road between Eskişehir and Zonguldak. Currently, there is a normal operating route. Our goal is to make this route more efficient and improve the trade here. These are our future goals. Besides these, we have many more projects and we will share them with the public in the coming days. '

Türker Ateş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bolu TSO, stated that they have undertaken projects together for the development of Bolu and Bolu. We expressed our problems only by creating public opinion. They are the decision-makers. We are ready to help you with whatever we have to do. There was a ball train started by TOBB and these trains did not work like freight trains. Now it's switched to a scheduled system. We bought shares from that train as Bolu TSO. We especially thank our deputies and the Prime Minister. We support this project. Bolu needs alternative ways. Bolu trade also needs alternative ways. The most important feature of our investors is that only the highway transportation between the two metropolises is increasing the market cost. We think that the railroad will be effective to reduce the cost of freight and we wish it to be concluded urgently. ”

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