Gaziantepe metro and havaray gospel

The good news of Gaziantepe metro and havaray: Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the projects they will do.

Before the May Day Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality, Şahin, who made a presentation about one year's activities and projects, gave information about the project to be carried out after the collapse of Kamil Ocak Stadium. After the collapse of the stadium, pushing the button for a big challenge, Sahin said, eler We will have a very large area after the demolition of some official apartments and lodging in the square. We will do the Panorama Museum instead of the destroyed lodging. Along with the Tax Office and the demolition of the building next to it, there will be a large square. This project excites me. The Assembly, which will implement this project, will also write history Bu.

In Gaziantep, a period of much discussed and the agenda is not falling down and giving the good news about the Yamaçtepe Sahin, thousand 230 hectares of 115 a thousand people living in the zoning plan was announced. Underlining that Şahinbey Municipality's work on Yamaçtepe continued, Şahin said, epe We attach great importance to housing projects. In general, 100 thousand people can live a zoning plan. In Aydınlar Mahallesi, we will implement the housing project with urban transformation. Our goal is to relieve the city with mass housing projects and new zoning areas. Ama

Sahin said that they will take important steps with the transportation master plan in public transportation which is one of the most important problems of Gaziantep and said: acak With the public transportation vehicles and services in Gaziantep, we have to carry the daily 660 from one place to another. Our city is very mixed with public transport. In some neighborhoods, we found that it is a public transport rather than a passenger. Everyone's hurting this. We started our work to resolve this confusion. We have instructed our friends who have prepared the Master Plan of Transportation to put an end to the confusion in public transport. We will reduce the density of the city with our new transportation master plan. Ulaşım

Stating that the implementation of the UM white table getir they implemented, fulfilled an important task in the name of social municipality, Şahin said, as The monthly average 40 bin demand is coming. We are making an interactive return quickly. We try to create a structure that provides social services. This practice was also very successful. One month 40 bin demand came. We strive to respond to all requests. We provide a fast turnaround in an interactive way. We are fulfilling the requirements of social municipality. Sosyal

Sahin stated that they have mobilized all means to solve the transportation problem in Gaziantep and gave information about the metro and havaray project. Şahin, master Our road map for the Metro and Havaray project will be revealed after the transportation master plan has been prepared. We'il make the decision after the plan. We strive for the relaxation of our city. In this context, we also meet with occupational groups. We started working to move them out of the city. Some of our professional groups have demands. We are working in accordance with their demands without sacrificing them Onları.

23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day Zoo will be free. Gaziantep Governorate and the Metropolitan Municipality of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Festival will be held in the Zoo because of the municipality, that day removed the special entry fees. The proposal of the members of the Assembly to be free of charge not only for their children but also for their parents was approved by the Mayor of the city, Fatma Şahin, and was free on that day with a parliamentary decision.

After the presentation of Mayor Fatma Sahin, parliamentary commission elections were held. Osman Toprak, Durdu Yetkinşekerci, Ümmü Gülsüm Avcı, Mustafa Dinçoğlu and Veysel Akbağ were elected after the committee elections. Plan budget commission, zoning public works commission, transportation commission, education culture and sports commission, environmental and health commission, tariff commission and legal commission elections were held with open voting. Election of the members of the parliament was held unanimously in the commission elections held by open voting.


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