Gar-Tekkeköy Rail System Infrastructure 90 OK

Gar-Tekkekoy Rail System Infrastructure 90 OK: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, the Directorate of Garage and Tekkeköy district between the 13-kilometer rail system route of the 80-90 percentage of work completed on the percentage, he said.

Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, Metropolitan City Council 2015 April 8. combination of 1. In the session, the 2014 year of the Metropolitan Municipality read the presidential activity report.

Mustafa Yurt, who provided information about the studies carried out in Samsun and its districts, said: ına According to the results of 2014 year budget implementation, our total expenses are 387 million 121 thousand TL and our revenues are 327 million 799 thousand TL. The difference was also solved by financing borrowing and an equivalent budget was provided Ar.

Yurt, UM 2014 metropolitan district of Atakum, Canik, Ilkadım and Tekkeköy districts in 4 2014 million 1 thousand cubic meters were excavated in 400 year. 1 million 800 thousand cubic meters filler. 442 has produced a thousand tons of basic and sub-base materials. Last year 39 miles bituminous hot mix, 54 mileage coating and 2 million tons have also made fortifications. We care about 2 million tons fortifications. Fortifications are counter-structures that need to be done against sea waves and destruction. So the stones here have to be big rocks in the form of 6-15 tons. Otherwise we take the big stones with our own trucks with the assumption that the small size rocks can be thrown into the sea and cannot resist the sea. We have one 48 rock truck. Their chassis is reinforced, the engines reinforced. We have rock drilling equipment, blasting equipment. 2 million tons of fortifications with them, Bunlar he said.

The construction of the railway system between Gar-Tekkeköy has been completed at the rate of 80-90 in the percentage of the dormitory. Then, the Metropolitan Municipality Council of the railway system in the direction of the Tekkeköy district of the railway station 16 mile from the direction of the direction of the direction of Taflan from OMU to the direction of the extension of 10 was out. We have started the construction of the rail system between Gar-Tekkeköy and continue. We have completed the infrastructure of the rail system in 2010-13. There are two viaducts 10,5 meters long on this rail system. One of them is in the region of Kılıçdede Junction and the other is in the region of Kutlukent. Both will pass over the existing railway line. The viaduct was decided to be built on the project in order to prevent them from crossing. Bunlar

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