Fuel discount was not reflected in transportation

Fuel oil prices were not reflected in the transportation: In June of last year, when the world oil prices rose to 115 dollars, the municipalities, which increased the prices of city transportation, did not show the same reaction when there was a decrease in oil prices.

Fuel prices have become cheaper all around the world, close to 40. In Turkey, the state takes the high tax discount rate due to 16,2 percent in diesel, fell xnumx't percent gasoline. Discount the amount of the car owner filling the vehicle's fuel tank with the discount paid 14 pounds, 196.6 fell to TL. However, the narrow-income citizen who has no automobiles and uses public transport has never benefited from this discount. If the discount in diesel prices is reflected in the prices that the consumer deserves, the metrobus fee in Istanbul would not be 169.2 TL, but in 3.25. A citizen who travels by public transport every day will pay less for the 2.70 TL per month. In Ankara, Ankaray and metro fares would fall from 21 to 2 and the monthly cost of the citizen would be reduced by 1.65.

Retired teacher Nazmi Korkmaz: I'm paying close to 200 pounds to the Metrobuses. This corresponds to the 11, 12 of my salary. I have two children going to college, we also have to spend money to get food to eat.

Hüseyin Turan: I receive a thousand pounds. 700 liram after the money spent on the transportation remains. Let me help my family with this money, or as a teenager, I didn't know whether to meet my needs. Ticket prices must be reduced from 3,25 to 1,75 tl. Because this figure is not possible to pay the minimum wage. Cemil Gül: 940-950 is a heavy burden for a man with a salary. In my opinion, the price of 3,25 for Metrobus is not an acceptable price. These prices are striking the citizens. Urgent prices need to be reduced. 1.5-2 pound must be between

Şebnem Şimşek: On the 6 day of the week, I use metrobus and I spend my minimum wage 250 on buses. I can't afford the house rent and the costs of my children. My wife doesn't work and I have to maintain a population of 4 people on my salary. I'm paying for BRT. Ticket prices need to be cut in half.

Merve Yılmaz: I go to Sefaköy from Beykoz for work every day. I'm changing at least a 3 vehicle a day. The daily road param 15 passes the lira. Not to mention the crowd and its uncomfortable. Most of the time we can't even get out of the crowd.

Kaan Akın: I'm going to Rami from Avcılar. First I use a minibus followed by the metrobus. My daily transportation costs 10 approaching the pound. Monthly income thousand 200 pounds already in this way more than a fifth of the road I'm leaving.

Turhan Çakar President of the Consumer Rights Association: The majority of the population in Istanbul is poor in transportation. The share of transportation in monthly income should be reduced below 10. If a child of a family of four travels at the minimum wage to go to school to go to school, the lady of the house occasionally comes out of the monthly transportation expenditure is equal to almost a percent of the income 26-27. This is not a transport policy that is appropriate to consumer rights. It is not suitable for a social and social democratic municipality. There is a very expensive transportation policy and it is not possible to accept it. Both associations and other interested parties can file a lawsuit.

Even more expensive than the car
The increase in oil prices increased due to local public transportation fees, fuel prices were not reflected in the discount ticket prices became more expensive than using cars. With a discount on the Mazotti, the average fuel consumption per kilometer of a mid-range car falls to 26 penny, while the 50 Km. The cost of a family of 4 passengers was determined as 13 TL. If the same family makes the journey in the form of metrobus or other public transportation, then 26 pays TL.

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