5.2 billion dollar high-speed train investment from China to Russia

$ 5.2 billion high-speed train investment from China to Russia: China is preparing to invest $ 5.2 billion for Russia's first high-speed train.

The People's Republic of China will invest $ 5.2 billion for the high-speed train line to the Russian Federation. While it is stated that 5.2 billion of 4.3 billion dollars will be borrowed with 20-year maturity, the rest will be covered by the Chinese company that will make the line.

The train line, which will go from Moscow to Kazan, will reduce the road, which is currently 14 hours, to 3 hours. It is stated that the train will speed up to 400 kilometers per hour, while the line is said to develop medium-sized Russian cities. It is also being discussed that the line continues towards China.

Chinese officials say that this should not only be seen as an investment, but that they want to increase their communication with Russia and Europe.



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