Selde laid the foundation of the destroyed bridge

The foundation of the bridge that was destroyed in the flood was laid: In the district of Erzin in Hatay, the bridge, which was destroyed in the flood disaster that occurred last September, is being built. The bridge built by the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is expected to be completed within 3 months. The bridge, which has a tender price of 749 thousand TL, will be applied a thirty percent decay fee. A groundbreaking ceremony was also held for the bridge.
5 people who lost their lives in the flood and destroyed the bridge in the neighborhood of Hurriyet caused a great reaction. Citizens in recent days on the bridge had made a drummer zurnalı action.
Citizens showed great interest in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Metropolitan Mayor Lütfü Savaş, Erzin Mayor Kasım Şimşek, Head of Science Department Ekrem Baldıran, the heads of civil society organizations and party representatives attended.
Mayor Lütfi Savaş said that all citizens living in Hatay endeavored to be the president and said, ık We had left behind the driest summer of the last years. I prayed to my Lord until the morning it rained. I couldn't sleep. But in the first light of the morning I heard that there was a great disaster in Erzin district. We had great trouble and lost our 5 fellow in this trouble. This bridge collapsed in that disaster. 6 months have passed. It is fortunate to make a new one today. We promised that day we will build this bridge. Public service is not easy to do. You have to comply with the formal. There is a tender period. There's a waiting time. The work has gone on so far. If it is fortune, 4 month is the working day, but I hope we are planning to finish 3 month. Kul
Drawing attention to the big problems of Erzin, Lütfü Savaş promised healthy drinking water to the people of the district. Lütfü Savaş said, “Erzin has big problems. We will do our part from these problems. We will resolve the common parts together with the district municipality. I hope we will try to solve the accumulated problems in Erzin at the maximum level within these remaining four years. We want to start drinking water network in Erzin before autumn this year. We have the power to do this, but you will believe in us and you will pray. Together we will develop the district. " He spoke in the form.
After the speeches, Lütfü Savaş and Kasım Şimşek laid the first mortar together.



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