Former TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman explained that I'm not offended

Former TCDD General Director Suleyman Karaman explained: Former TCDD General Director Suleyman Karaman deputy candidate statement.

It surprised everyone that former TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman did not take part in the AK Party's parliamentary lists. Karaman, the invitation as a result of the candidate said, olduğun I was on the list until the last day. If I wasn't going to get on the list, I wouldn't resign. List Karaman, not to enter the list of 'kinship' criterion is indicated as the criterion, stating, "Mayor Brother Güngören. If the problem of kinship was asked why my resignation. Even in the local election kinship criterion was not implemented Yerel. Suleyman Karaman, who has been the General Manager of 12 for a year in TCDD, resigned from the AK Party upon his invitation and became a candidate candidate for parliament. Karaman, contrary to expectations could not enter the list. The party organization and the people of Erzincan expressed their reactions on Twitter and Facebook because Karaman took off the list. Karaman, who could not enter the lists, told HABERTURK, Kar I think we have been forgotten. At first I was very surprised and upset. But this party has brought me to a very important mission. She trusted me. When I see them, I will tell them. Gör


Karaman said that he was sure that he was on the list until the last day. My brother is the Mayor of Gungor. They said so. That's the information we're given. I wish we had known. Lf it doesn't happen, I'm going to put it to work. I've been told where necessary. 'Become a candidate', I became a candidate. And then it happened. I don't know what to do next. I'm listening to myself right now. The assignment was also made. What they had done, the state will continue to work, Ne he said.


Karaman; . I think there are 19 people who are in this situation. But they would have said that in advance. In the previous period, the brother of deputy Maras was Mayor of Urfa. Then this relative condition was not applied. There was no such thing when we resigned. Biz


Fatih Metin was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Customs and Trade and Abdullah Erdem Cantimur was re-appointed as the Deputy Minister of Finance. 7 Metin and Cantimur, who resigned in February for a parliamentary nomination from the AK Party, returned to their posts. Fatih Metin Bolu, Abdullah Erdem Cantimur resigned from his post to nominate a nomination from Kütahya.

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