Viaduct discussion at Eğiste

Eğiste Viaduct discussion: Konya - Hadim road to be made with the work of the viaduct discussions began. Highways 3 which is in the examination area of ​​Eğitse Stream where viaduct will be made. Regional Director Ömer Baylar, alternative routes to the residents of the neighborhood when opposed Eğitse.
The works of the viaduct, where Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu gave the good news for Konya-Hadim highway, began.
Highways 3. Regional Manager Ömer Baylar, different alternatives also mention the residents of Eğitse neighborhood was opposed.
3 Highways listening to the wishes of the trainers. Regional Director Ömer Baylar, touched on the difficulty of land conditions, told about the contribution to the region.
Hadim Mayor Ahmet Hadimioğlu, who accompanied the highways teams during the investigations, said that hemen Our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu visited Hadim in his first district immediately after taking over the office and addressed the public in the town square. In his speech here, the gospel of viaduct was announced as 'bowing to school'. Today there are several alternatives for the location of the viaduct. Our objection starts at this point. Without any measurement, alternative routes were determined without drilling. These routes do not meet the expectations of the instructors. Alternative routes should be discovered starting from the location close to the museum. The Prime Minister's words, m Oops will be saluted üm promised the hopefuls, hopes have increased. Iz

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