The eye of the world Palandökende

The world's eye Palandökende: While climate change in the world threatens the future of snow sports, Palandöken has been shown as one of the important centers that will not be affected by this situation. Tourism and climate expert Cenk Demiroğlu, "Palandöken, a much more reliable destination in terms of profit than the Alps," he said.
Experts say that climate change destroys 2 million square kilometers of snow cover around the world, adding that the danger will increase further over the next 20 year. The new snow in winter tourism based on the sports field, emphasizing Turkey's Bogazici University may create advantages in this part of the faculty of Tourism Management Dr. Cenk Demiroğlu pointed out the importance of correct investments and gave important warnings.
“The snow cover is disappearing. Turkey plans to do right "
Reminiscent of 115 million skiing enthusiasts worldwide. Demiroğlu said, “Austria is the leading country with 5 million, Germany 2,5 million and Switzerland 1,9 million. In Turkey, about 100 thousand Although this number is not absolute. ski to physically have the appropriate 155 thousand kilometer area in Turkey. In the European Alps this area 190 thousand kilometers. This area, which requires socio-economic conditions for investment, requires equally accurate planning. According to the Intergovernmental Climate Change Report, 2 million square kilometers of snow cover has been destroyed due to climate change worldwide. The artificial profit solution will also be able to handle up to 20 years. Turkey's new investment plan due to have an advantage in this area, such as the right to make, "he said.
Proper investment planning is essential
European countries are under the threat of climate change, Dr. Demiroğlu, now snow is on the agenda of methods such as guaranteed marketing, Turkey also expressed that the state should give support to marketing with good weather forecast.
“Palandoken is fabulous”
Palandöken'i expressed that he has been studying for a very long time. Demiroglu, said the following. “Great place in Palandoken. Physical superiority is indisputable. Let me give an example from your own position. We call climate change. Lack of snow is now a big problem. Perhaps this is felt more in Turkey but in warmer countries went bankrupt already provided some ski resorts in Australia, for example, because there is not enough snow. Palandöken is in a great place and we analyze them. Look, the Russians have a research in 2012, they say, Erzurum Palandöken is a much more reliable destination in terms of profit compared to the Alps. He has some findings. We are doing a study and we will announce the results in the summer months. The topographic advantage is also indisputable. If you start to skip, you will stop in Iraq. There is such a continuous snow cover. Physical investments are also very good. ”
“China will create significant demand”
China may create an important demand in the future voicing Dr. Demiroğlu said that 1,1 has a share of 2 as a percentage of ski tourism in the tourism market, which reaches a billion travel volume. a model for Turkey in the name of ski tourism in France might save Dr. Demiroğlu, we have almost all the ski areas in the Alps up to Turkey, but stressed that climate change was gradually narrowing of the field.