This Train Escape Project from Dörtyol Municipality

This Train Escaping from Dörtyol Municipality Project: Mayor Toksoy stated that the project is to give students morale and to inspire historical and touristic places and to instill environmental and environmental awareness.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey in talks with Toksoy stated that the cars allocated to them, said:

“During the trip especially for high school students, we will go from Dörtyol to Pozantı's Hacıkırı Station. A 7-kilometer nature walk will be done from here. Belemedik Station, Yeni Köprü Waterfall and Varda Bridge will be visited in the excursion program. The expenses of our students will also be covered by our municipality. "

Toksoy noted that the applications for the trip to be made on April 25 should be made to the municipality.

Travel program
Departure time will be from Dörtyol Train Station at 5.30 in the morning. Breakfast will be served on the train at 6.30. Yeni Köprü Waterfall will be visited with a 12.00 km trekking at Hacıkırı Station, which is the first stop at 7:14.00. Then, at 14.30:18.30, the historical Varda Bridge will be visited. Finally, after having lunch and entertainment at Belemedik Station at XNUMX, we will return to Dörtyol. The return will take place at XNUMX.

Applications Students must come to Dörtyol Municipality Public Relations Directorate with a student card and apply personally. Our trip is only for high school students.

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