Details of Konya Metro Project (Video)

Details of Konya Metro Project Have Been Revealed: Konya has experienced one of its historical days today. The "subway" good news came from the Prime Minister to his fellow citizens.

The government handed over the traffic problem to Konya and Davutoglu explained that the metro line would be built. The meeting of the Konya subway was held by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.


Newly planned on the Metro Campus - Alaadin - Gar - Meram and Beyhekim connection at 34 minutes

New High Speed ​​Train Station - Meram City Council in 19.5 minutes

New High Speed ​​Train Station from Necmettin Erbakan University 13.5 per minute

750 projected to carry a total of 2030 thousand road a day.

The first phase of the project is planned to be completed in 2020.

KONYA METRO will be completed in 2020

Following the introduction of the promotional film, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu continued his speech by saying Başbakan Let it be good Başbakan and said, mes This project is very important. The route was determined so that the 5 university is connected to each other. Hospitals connect to each other. Basic state institutions, universities, science centers are connected to each other. The first plans are to end in 2020. From this point, the first stage should end in the year of 2018 Şebi-i Arus. Up to the 2020 xNUMX will be opened up to the line. The integrated rail system will be built by our Metropolitan Municipality and there will be no place to be reached in Konya by rail system. I will follow this closely in the context of this project. Everyone needs to support this project. This is a flare for our Anatolian cities. We will build a new water of life, bridge to many of our cities. Birçok

After Prime Minister Davutoğlu's speech, he was photographed together and prayed. 3 in Konya Metro will be 45 kilometers in total and cost 3 billion liras. The project will be completed in 2020. High Speed ​​Train line integration with Metro will be provided. The first stage of the project to be held in stages between the campus-Alaaddin-Gar-Beyhekim; 2. Phase of Fetih Street-Karatay, 3. The stage will be between Necmettin Erbakan University-Çevre Yolu-Yeni Gar.

Detailed information about Konya Metro Project can be found here



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