Dario Moreno meets the gulf (Photo Gallery)

Dario Moreno met with the bay: The new ship named 15.si, one of the new 5 passenger ships ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the purpose of improving the sea transportation, came to the city. Dario Moreno'nun Bostanlı-Konak line after inspection and acceptance procedures will begin to serve reportedly. On the other hand, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was previously the onlyKarşıyaka The new vessels started to operate on Bostanlı-Konak line as of today (11 April Saturday). In the first stage, these flights will be performed by Çakabey and Dario Moreno (after the acceptance procedures).

State-of-the-art cruise ships
The new passenger ships of Izmir are catamaran type. Building material is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, durable, long-lasting and low running costs 'carbon composite'. Carbon composite is used in defense, aerospace technology.
Vessels are 39 meters, while 11,6 meters. The inner bay ships can accommodate 420 people. In order to meet the needs of the citizens during the journey, automatic sales kiosks are sold in buffet and cold, hot drinks. There are also bicycle parks for bicycle users to use the new ships easily. Independent cages were created for the passengers to carry their pets.

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