Çorum Municipality Opened Asphalt Season

Çorum Municipality Asphalt Season Opened: Çorum Municipality opened the asphalt season with the warming of the weather.
The teams that started the work on the paving stone, paving, road paving, patch and asphalt pavement in different parts of the city made the opening of the season from Farabi Street. The infrastructure works on the Farabi Street are being carried out simultaneously with the landscaping of Akşemseddin Mosque, which will be opened soon after worship with the contributions of Çorum Municipality. While the width of the avenue reaches 30 meters within the scope of road widening work, the 200 meter section is edited. Following the excavation work, mechanical filling works will be carried out on the street. Then, asphalt pavement and Farabi Street will have a new look.
Saying that the pavement work was also carried out along with the asphalt works, Deputy Mayor Alper Zahir said, “We are making a green area and a park where the village minibuses start on Farabi Street. There is no green area in this area. With its children's playground, sitting benches and ornamental pool, this area will become a park worthy of Çorum. " said.
Zahir wished all the works to be beneficial to all Çorum people and he said that with the weather improved, 2015 started superstructure work with full speed from where they left off.
Zahir said, ım Due to winter conditions, asphalt in our urban roads has been damaged and potholes have formed. Upon the complaints and requests from our citizens, damaged roads were examined by our teams and a working plan was created according to the urgency situation. Our teams started to work as abrasion asphalt and patches in the streets, streets and intersections where emergency intervention should be taken. We opened the 2015 asphalt season with our work in Farabi Street. In the meantime, the trees and trees in the Directorate of Parks and Gardens by removing the trees on the streets are removed and transferred to the needed areas. 'He said.



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