Cendere Bridge Toilet Problem Fixed

Fixed the toilet problem of the Cendere Bridge: The two thousand-year-old toilet problem in the historic Cendere Bridge was solved with portable toilets.
Portable toilets were built at the location of the Cendere Bridge on the Kahta Stream, which was built during the Roman period during Septimus Severus and has a history of 2 thousand years. Cendere Bridge, one of the rare bridges with one arch in the world, is flooded by local and foreign tourists.
30 years ago the septic tank pit was excavated and the toilet problem was solved by filling the septic tank pits. With the permission given by the Sanliurfa Cultural Heritage Protection Board, 2 units were made of portable toilet including 2 units and xNUMX units.
Tourism enterprises, made a solution to the problem of mobile toilets, thanking the authorities.



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