The Canal Istanbul process begins in a few months

Kanal Istanbul process starts in a few months: Arnavutköy Mayor Ahmet Haşim Baltacı said, "The Crazy Project" About Kanal Istanbul, "The process will start in a few months, the backbone of the project is determined." The possible route of the channel is the surroundings of Sazlıdere Dam…

One of the districts farthest from Arnavutköy city center. But nowadays it is one of the most talked about regions. Because the large-scale and 'crazy' projects of Istanbul are always in Arnavutköy ... When this is the case, it is assumed to meet the Mayor of Arnavutköy and talk about these projects. How is the 3rd airport construction? When will Kanal Istanbul start? How will the New City with a population of 500 thousand be established? Here I asked these questions to Mayor Ahmet Haşim Baltacı…

We say “Arnavutkoy is the rising value of Istanbul” because important projects will be held here. Kanal Istanbul is accordingly the New City and the third airport under construction.

I've been living in Arnavutköy for years since 46-47 and this place has always been a strategic place. It is at a strategic point from the Balkan Wars to the later periods, even to the conquest period of Istanbul. This position is in fact reinforced with these new projects. Maybe she finds the value she needs new. Of course, there are very serious natural riches.

The most important water resources of the city are around Arnavutköy…

In addition to water resources, sea, lake, forest, there are all elements that comfort people. It is a remarkable place with its picnic, with daily sea tourism, and in fact a very accessible place in the periphery of Istanbul. A new world is being established. Istanbul's 3. airport in this region, north side. 2018-2019 will come into play when we think the district is very large. In connection with this, the Northern Marmara Motorway is engaged. The district is located in a way that divides the town from the middle to the middle and provides access to all points of the district. Also, of course, the Channel Istanbul is a lot of talk.

Actually, the most curious project is Kanal Istanbul…

Since the official statement has not yet come, we are not entitled to “It is not Resmi,“ It is not Resmi, but in the last days it has been called almost.

Most recently, a decision was made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council and the authority regarding Kanal Istanbul was given to Kadir Topbaş. Can you give us a detail about the project? For example, the route…

There is a reserve area which is called as the new city to be established. This area is referred to as Kayasehir, Ispartakule, the south-north line, or the two sides of the Sazlidere Dam right on the borders of Arnavutkoy District and the left and right sides of the dam and 3. east of the Terkos Lake, which leads to the airport.

In other words, the channel will exit the Sazlıdere Dam towards the Black Sea…

The channel is now on the 90. So we can not say that there is a declared route, but I think it is clear because we actually know the work of some institutions related to this issue. This ax seems to be certain.

A city with a population of 500 thousand will be established on both sides of the canal. There will be maximum 6 storey residences. Finally, the authority related to Kanal İstanbul and the authority related to the planning of the project area was transferred to IMM. He's doing metropolitan work, but on behalf of the ministry. Approval and authority center, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Do you have any foresight on the start date of Kanal Istanbul?

In the 1-2 month, we hear that the announcement will be made soon.

What do you mean?

We hear that the tender process will begin. Of course, I am not an authorized person to explain. The ministry here is authorized, only the information we have received from them in this direction. Thus, the backbone of this work is determined.

It probably takes almost 1 years, they take time. Besides, the relevant institutions have studies; for example, what to do about property.


I know it's not expropriation. There are many alternatives to regulate these properties. For example, there is a possibility of being solved by zoning practices. Some areas have very serious public property. There is already the existing stream bed. İSKİ has their places here, and it is already a preferred route because of public ownership. No problem because citizens do not suffer.

There are some debates about the ecological balance about Kanal Istanbul…

In the region where Kanal Istanbul is located, scientific calculations are made in terms of ecological balance. The works cover the vegetation, agricultural lands, forests and the lake with an approach that feels and maintains the lake.

Sazlidere Dam will not be used with Kanal Istanbul. What about the new dams?

Already that reserve area. When you look at other sources in Istanbul, you were kept as a reserve, used from time to time, but it was not a very high-scale and voluminous reserve. Therefore, the moment this place is sacrificed, serious work is being done about the alternatives. The new barrage moves to the side of Thrace. Not in our county.

Is there any information you can share about the cost of Kanal Istanbul?

Certainly not made with public resources. I hear that international and national investors are seriously interested. Is revenue sharing, build-operate-transfer? There are a lot of methods. With this method, the state will be made without cost. This big project 1-2 will not end in the year.

But will the tender process begin as soon as possible?

We've received the latest information. The name will be put, so let's say that.

  1. What is the end date of the airport?

First flights will start at 2018. 6 is on the runway. We know that 2 will be activated like the end of 2017. In the next 3 year, other tracks will be activated.

What is the construction of the airport now?

From time to time, we visit our curiosity and interest and receive information. At the moment, the infrastructure work continues. The most important part is brought into the land elevation, the grids, etc. infrastructure work continues. We have heard from the contractor that this part of the main superstructure will be passed by this spring.

  1. Will the construction of the airport and Canal Istanbul be completed? Is the area open to zoning?

We have plans for current residential areas. However, the planning work on this south-north line, which we call the project area, continues. There are only a lot of social reinforcement areas that Istanbul needs. For example, the congress will be the fair center in this region, very close to the airport.

2 subway line a fast train future

So, how will these transportation axes be, let's focus on transportation projects ...

2 will come to the metro line. Someone; Halkalı In other words, Kayaşehir, projected in the direction of the old airport, will be operational from Arnavutköy Merkez, Taşoluk to the new airport line 2019. The other, the street tram from Sultançiftliği up to now will be transformed into a subway. 3. the high speed train line from the bridge will also pass through the airport. So in the coming 10 year, we will have a serious public transport network.

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