We didn't think about you in metropolitan tram project

We did not think about the tram project from metropolitan to the owners of the bar: Akçaray Tramvay project was expropriated and the owners of the bars sent to the notice were shocked at the Metropolitan. “We didn't think about you in the project“

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which was decided to demolish the workplace for the tram project of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, met with the Chairman of the Kocaeli Entertainment Place Investors Association (KEYDER), Yusuf Ziya Tom, and the Bar Street Shop tradesmen, and went to the Metropolitan Municipality and met with Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç. During the meeting; It was revealed that the fate of the tradesmen whose businesses were to be demolished in Akçaray's project configuration was not considered.


The owners of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, who were declared to be demolished due to the passing of the line under the adına Akçaray ve tram project which is among the election promises before the local elections of 30 March, took the office of the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Gökmen Mengüç in search of their rights and finding a solution. Yusuf Ziya Tom, the president of Kocaeli Entertainment Center Investors Association whose short name is KEYDER, and his business owners went to Metropolitan Municipality and in the evening of their office, Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç had entered the meeting. During the meeting, which was held closed to the press, it was said that nerves were stretched in places, and there was no agreement between municipal and business owners.


Speaking to the press after the meeting with Gökmen Mengüç, Deputy Secretary General of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, KEYDER President Yusuf Ziya Tom stated that they were not considered during the design phase of the tram line. “We realized that the Metropolitan officials had nothing in mind about the bar owners there,” said Tom in a statement. There are people having fun in licensed places serving in this life. Entertainment is a must-have part of people's lives. When we said how do you ignore this, they said, then we started thinking. They said that they will sit at the table with Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and that this will be a big problem that will cause headaches in the future ”.


Continuing to explain KEYDER President Yusuf Ziya Tom, known as Bar Street Street and the area to be expropriated a thousand 100 people are employed, said: EY There are only bars. Hotel, market, insurance and cafes are located in expropriated places. There is no such thing as just the bars to be demolished. Sadece Reminding that they were forcibly taken out of the fairground at the time, Tom said, v They think, 'We pass the tram here, and we'll remove the bars from here.' They cleared the bars from the fair and forced them into the city. Now they're trying to get us out of the area they're squeezing. They do this by putting the tram project into this area. They think of a city where everyone is locked up and everyone sits at home. Düşünüy


Serkan Guy, who came to meet on behalf of the Terrace Bar in Bar Street, said that the entertainment sector is not a sector to be ashamed and the mentalities are aimed at showing the places of entertainment badly. Güyük said, kut Bars are where 60 thousand students celebrate a birthday. Having fun is part of the human. Our licenses are our acquired rights. We carry the butcher to the place he wants. You can not change the address by taking a license and changing the address. They have no good intentions. They don't demolish housing, they're washing work. The people working here read their children with the money they get here. As long as they don't show us a new field, our sector disappears. Eradicating not only eliminates us, but will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people coming to work with us. Do people have fun in the streets? İnsanlar

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