To go to Bursa Yenisehir airport

The train will go to Bursa Yenişehir airport: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that Uludağ has new facilities, Uluabat is an eco-tourism region and the southern ring road is blocked from Ankara and said, “We want authority, not money. A great chance for our Minister of Health Bursa. "We will overcome the obstacles in Ankara with him."

Following the construction of the longest ropeway in the world, the new ropeway lines will be constructed in Bursa to relieve urban traffic. From Zafer Square to Teferrüç, from Kültürpark to Pınarbaşı and Kuştepe and Yiğitali, ropeway projects are being implemented.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe gave the good news of the new ropeways in 6. President Altepe said that the approval of the ministry of the Victory Square, Gökdere, Setbaşı and Teferrüç lines and the construction will begin. Alt Now we give the good news of a new line and the 10 kilometer. We will build a ropeway line from Kültürpark to State Hospital-Yıldıztepe and from Pınarbaşı and Alacahırka. Alacahırka will be the center. The line will be divided into two. One arm will go to Kuştepe and the other one will go to Yiğitali. For thermal health tourism, guests staying in the Tabakhaneler area, which is coming to Bursa, will travel to the foothills of Uludağ. We will see new places as well Yeni.


Expressing that they allocated big budget to expropriations to open new roads as Metropolitan, Mayor Altepe said, “Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı will be an alternative to İzmir road. We wash a building every day. We expropriated 420 buildings. a first in Turkey. Küçükbalıklı Altinova department has taken great distance. Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard will be connected to Yunuseli and Mudanya Yolu and Ata Boulevard via the Sırameşeler connection. It has 3 separate outputs. It will extend from Yunuseli to the east of the city, Yavuzselim. He will go from there to Gürsu. ”


Explaining that they will extend the subway to Görgülü as promised, the T3 line in Cumhuriyet Caddesi Davutkadı region will also extend to Siteler, and that its project has been put out to tender. We will start the project with the completion of the intersection construction. We will also realize the T2 and T7 lines in Nilüfer. Tender of domestic new wagons for 8 million liras instead of 622 million, we saved 320 percent. Çöplük intersection, Buttim intersection constructions continue at full speed. The Fair will be held at the Geçit junction. ”


Recep Altepe gave the good news to the people of Bursa that Yunuseli Airport will be opened. Altepe said, “From now on, planes will take off from Bursa center. The ministry has approved regarding Yunuseli Airport. passenger aircraft that can carry up to 20 people, Turkey will carry passengers anywhere. Companies related to the airport were established. Everything is ready. At least 50 planes will take off every day at Yunuseli Airport. Yunuseli will add value to Bursa. If Bursa is to be a world city, it will be with them. Yunuseli Airport is in the heart of the city. It will carry passengers everywhere. I hope we aim to take off hundreds of planes every day, ”he said. Mayor Altepe stated that they provide all kinds of support for flights from Yenişehir and that the reservations are full, and that they will reach Yenişehir Airport from Bursa by train.

Stating that they could not overcome the authority confusion in Uludağ, Mayor Altepe said, “We want to build daily facilities, sports facilities, congress center and parking lot. They use the wall of the sports facility as an excuse. Don't hotels have walls? Maybe even thermal water will come out in Uludağ. If they authorize us, we will even organize the winter Olympics in Uludağ. We built the cable car, was it bad? We did not pay for the cable car, the capacity increased 12 times. It contributed to the economy of Bursa. It carried 4 thousand passengers in 450 months. We get rent. It will be ours after 25 years. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Foundations authorized the historical artifact. All historical artifacts in Bursa stood up. Bursa entered the Unesco heritage list. Now, we are working for all districts of Bursa to be included in the Unesco heritage list. The same situation exists in Uluabat Project. We want to bring Uluabat Lake to a completely different face with the Marmara Sea. Let the sailboats come, the boats park there. However, the Ministry of Forestry and Water is opposed to this. We want to build the southern freeway. We prepare the project and send it to Ankara. Full approval will come out. "Someone says stop". Actually, this project traffic will be relieved. It will also draw a border to the forest. We don't want money. “We want authority. There is no other municipality saying, "It would be okay if you don't give money."


Mayor Altepe emphasized that the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, together with Buski and Burulaş, had a budget of 2.7 billion lira, 96 percent of which was realized last year, and that it has the best rate with 1,67 percent of the total budget with 70 billion loans and debts. Stating that they can get all kinds of permits from Ankara regarding the budget, President Altepe said, “We are investing 410 million lira for the seas, streams and lakes only for the environment. Our staff expenditure is only 10 percent of the budget. We have no financial difficulties, ”he said.


Reminding that they have raised almost all of the historical monuments in 6 years, Mayor Altepe said, “The Walls project has come to an end. We will remove the Bey Palace. The army house will be moved. We will build the new army house. Çandarlı İbrahimpaşa Bath, Mudanya Hasanpaşa Cultural Center, Reyhanpaşa Bath, Tahiraağa Bath, Keles Yakup Paşa Bath, Eskişehir Inn are about to be completed. İnegöl Beylik Inn was tendered. Gemlik Yali mansion was opened. We took control of the Mudanya Armistice House. The Mint Museum was opened. Barakfakih Cultural Center is finished. Beyazıtpaşa Madrasa is being built. Hançerli Madrasa started. Iznik Roman Theater started. Restorations are starting, especially in Iznik and Trilye. Iznik walls will come to life with the Metropolitan. Davutpaşa Mosque was built. We have restored many mosques. We finished the Grand Bazaar, and the Gelinçiler Çarşısı comes to life. Gemlik Balıkpazarı tender was held. We restored 12 separate martyrdoms. Pınarbaşı Martyrdom was renewed. Kireçtepe Martyrdom in Çanakkale was also the best example of loyalty to our martyrs. 93 historical graves and graves are being handled. "We have also published 270 books on intangible cultural heritage."

Crocodile Arena will be one of Turkey's most beautiful stadium and the new season will reach Altepe President noted, "We will challenge demolishing the old stadium. We can add a plan note about not building a shopping mall here. Bursa must be challenged. We do not even have a meeting place. If it happens, there will be six parking lots. Metro and tram lines will not be affected. Atatürk Stadium is not historical. It's different from the first one. There is no clear information about whether it is earthquake resistant. It has to be demolished. "We will start the construction of the new square with the start of the new stadium."

Mayor Altepe stated that the restoration of Eskişehir Inn on Cumhuriyet Street was completed and that it will be opened as a boutique hotel in May, and said, “There will be new boutique hotels in Kayhan and Reyhan regions. We want this place to be chirping for 24 hours. Some businessmen even come to us for the restoration of their historic homes in Kayhan. We will support the region to become a tourism region, ”he said.

President Altepe gave the following answer to a question about the new organized industry: “Industry will move. Housing and commercial areas need to be developed. We will not be chock in front of the city. Nobody loves Bursa more than me. We work by adding our night to our day. All factories need to be moved outside the city. There are factories in every village in Europe. We are ready to contribute to the growth, development and production of high added value of this city. Nobody has the right to pollute the environment. The investments we have made in this regard are obvious. Let's stop being raw, let's not pollute the environment. "I won't be the mayor blocking the city as long as it doesn't harm the environment."



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