Bolu Gölcük ropeway project reached the tender stage

Bolu Gölcük ropeway project was reached in the tender stage: Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz, one of the most important promises of local elections before the tender stage of the construction of the cable car was reached.

Preparation of the Technical Specifications and Approximate Cost of the Cable Car and Mountain Cradle Plant to the Bolu Gölcük Winter Plant and Gölcük's Summit. Regarding the subject Bolu Mayor Aladdin Yilmaz said in a statement before the local elections, Turkey's most important, one of the touristic places he used the following phrases, saying it would Gölcük cable car exit: "establishing cable car line, we want to prevent vehicular access to the pond. The most beautiful part of the world Bolu Bolu, the most beautiful region of Gölcük. We call Bolu the heart of nature, with the magnificent geography bestowed by Allah.

There is a Gölcük lake in the heart of nature that is the center of the heart. Gölcük Lake is operated by Bolu Municipality. Thousands of visitors from all over the world come to the pond, but we make an effort to not be polluted. We have important projects for Gölcük. In the coming days, we will see together that the cable car goes up to the pond. In addition, we want to prevent the arrival of vehicles by providing a cable car to Gölcük. If this integrity is ensured, the ropeway will go to Gölcük, then to Aladağlar and finally to Kartalkaya. These projects can now be thought of as exaggerated. Costs will fall in the coming period. The wealth of the country will increase. Everyone will see that these projects are very comfortable. We are currently standing on the first stage in Gölcük. We're not talking about our dreams. Our facts can be imagined for some people. In the coming period, the cable car line will be established. Bolu people will see that this project has been implemented very soon Bu.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:25

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