Kocaeli Metropolitan starting from Bars Street to work for tram

Kocaeli Metropolitan work for the tram starts from the Bars Street: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality prepared to implement the tram project in the project after the announcement of the route, especially on the level of unease began in the Sahabettin Bilgisu Street. The expropriation notices have begun to reach the owners of the buildings in the district, which is also known as Bar Street yesterday. The shopkeeper said, ”15 come to the municipality in the day! Es

In the notification sent by the Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Expropriation, call was made to the owners and it was said; . It has been decided to expropriate 257 island, 11 parcel numbered, 4 parcel no, 04.03.2015 independent section within the borders of Kemalpaşa Neighborhood of Izmit District where you are Maliki. Pursuant to the relevant legislation, you must come to the Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation Department of our municipality in order to meet with the reconciliation commission within 768 days after the notification date mek.

The hotel will be demolished with bars gathered in bars around Asia. Moody Bar, Barcelona Terrace Bar, Baron Bar buildings, including 11 bar and alcoholic restaurants were delivered to the owners of the building. The hotel is located in the Asia region of various sizes 70 business. Hotels, bars, restaurants, tea stoves, kiosks from the point where the weight of the tram passes. 13 will be auctioned in April.

The tradesmen in the region say they cannot get clear information and explanation on the expropriation. The regional shopkeepers also demand a reasonable period of time, if a decision of expropriation and eviction is taken. Bar owners also wonder what their acquired rights will be, merak We've done thousands of TL for businesses here. We do not want to be a victim Mağ. Bars Street tradesmen will make a wide-ranging press statement on the street today and will react to this decision and they will announce that they will start a legal struggle.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:09

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