Beyşehirliler wants tram

Beyşehirliler wants tram: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyurek, Beysehir district, “Konya Marine Enterprises, will set up and public transportation will be provided in Beyşehir Lake, he said.
Beytehir district of Konya, district council meeting within the scope of the district headmen and citizens come together with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Tahir Akyürek, with the start of the new metropolitan law new investments in districts gave information about the new investments.
Talking about the many investments they have made in the district, Tahir Akyürek talked about the works within the scope of the sanitization project they initiated at the İçişehir neighborhood. Akyurek stated that this region is not a place that can be easily found in Konya, emphasizing that the region which is the center of administration and principality of 200, attracted attention with the historical Eşrefoğlu Mosque. This is a peninsula, the whole of the peninsula. We will restore all the registered structures. We will buy and demolish structures that do not fit the historical texture. We will make it a history island, Or he said.
Akyürek stated that the edge of the lake in the Beyşehir region is a sine qua non for them, and also mentioned the tube passage project prepared by Beyşehir Municipality. Mayor Murat Özaltun's visit to Konya, former Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Lütfi Elvan, van We want to Marmaray to Beysehir Marmar reminding Akyürek, Minister Elvan, this issue with a number related to this issue is discussed there and Stating that the controversy will continue, he also drew attention to Beyşehir's demand for the tram.
Head of Department of Public Transportation in Konya, the central district outside the central district 4-5 district is conducting a feasibility study, the feasibility study of Beyşehir also stressed that between the districts Akyürek, for this to work to look at the results, he said. Akyürek transfered the first 20 to the sister city Sarajevo from the disabled trolleys in Konya. recalled.
Explaining that they will integrate Konya with Beyşehir Tahir Akyürek said that Beyşehir would be the center of Konya and become a center of attraction. Akyurek, who came to Beysehir for lunch at noon, said that if he had the courage, he could climb up to the hills of Mount Anamas in Islibucak region. Beyşehir Lake, watching you rise. There are natural ponds on the hill in Karagöl, but also within walking distance. There are nice areas that can be used as camping sites. In addition, the opportunity to benefit from the natural beauty may occur. Of course, the islands always hang in my head. So we need to build a facility in one of the islands in the future. There are many islands in Beyşehir Lake. One of the people can benefit from the facility to make a facility, at the same time the rate of transportation should be provided by the sea, "he said.
Mayor Akyurek said that they will establish the Konya Marine Enterprises and he said that everyone laughs. Akyürek, bu I hope that this period will be implemented. We will provide the public transportation from Gölyaka to Beyşehir by the lake. We are working on this issue together with our district municipality. İlçe
- Thank you for
Mayor of Beyşehir Murat Özaltun thanked Akyürek for his metropolitan investments. In front of them is an 4 annual process that expresses Özaltun, in this process Beysehir into a shining pearls, he said. Özaltun, li As I always say, Konya's sea Beyşehir, Beyşehirli Beyşehirli a project is not used only. Beyşehir speaks to many people from other cities and even from abroad. Together with our Metropolitan Mayor, we will carry Beyşehir further Büyük.
Özaltun then presented a three-dimensional painting to Akyürek. After the speeches, Akyürek, accompanied by his AK Party Konya deputy candidates Uğur Kaleli and Leyla Şahin Usta accompanied them during their visit to Beyşehir and gave their certificates to the names participating in volunteer firefighting training programs.

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