Asphalt Works in the Bay Continues

Asphalt Works in the Gulf Continues: The Gulf Municipality has carried out a durable asphalt pavement work on Adnan Kahveci boulevard, one of the most important streets of the city.
Adnan Kahveci boulevard paving on the asphalt pavement team teams, completed the work overnight. The people of Korfez Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs Morning work hours in order not to make a superhuman effort to avoid the Adnan Kahveci boulevard on the same night etched asphalt scraped. Municipal teams completed the same night infrastructure work on the same night lasting and durable asphalt pavement by making Adnan Kahveci boulevard in the morning working hours made service again.
Step by step for the Changing and Developing Gulf, we bring people-oriented services to the Gulf. kazanMayor of dıran İsmail Baran said, “Our teams are carrying out hopeful works on Adnan Menderes Boulevard. We aim to finish our work here in one day. For this reason, our team will continue to work here until the late hours of the night. Bay streets are like our home. Even our guest room. As you know, how we decorate our rooms in our house and make it a comfortable environment. We decorate our streets and streets like our home, and we do the necessary work for the comfort of our people.”
Late in the region working in the region and the teams who work next to the work of the citizens expressed their satisfaction by thanking Mayor Ismail Baran.

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