The army wants to train fast

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz: “High speed train is one of the projects that will be discussed in the coming years” - “In a city where the airport, universities and health facilities are the best, in a city with a metropolitan, normal train or high speed train is a very normal demand. "

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz said, "High speed train is one of the projects that will be talked about in the coming years."

Yılmaz told Anadolu Agency that the Ministry of Transport is conducting a feasibility study for the implementation of the high-speed train project in Ordu.

Saying, “After the airport project, our fellow citizens from Ordu raise the bar,” Yılmaz said, “This demand was told to us by the representatives of all non-governmental organizations we visited. In the meeting we held with our Ministry of Transport, it was stated that Samsun, Çorum and Ankara high-speed train lines will be subject to a tender calendar until 2017-2019. We also conveyed to the ministry that this route could be extended in favor of Ordu, at least until Fatsa. The ministry also welcomed it ”.

Stating that the work of the Ministry on the issue continues, Yılmaz stated:

“High speed train is one of the projects that will be discussed in the coming years. Of course, there are physical impossibilities regarding the passage of these trains to this side. As the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, I took the responsibility for this process. We said that it would be enough for us that a high-speed train coming to Bolaman would not be a problem between Ordu and Bolaman, which is 10-12 km by our citizens from Ordu, because it is the middle of our city. In this context, our ministry is currently planning and working within the framework of a program after Samsun - Wednesday, with a positive calendar.

Stressing that the high-speed train project can be easily discussed in the public, Yılmaz continued:

“The public can easily discuss this. Because we give very clear and transparent messages to the public. This is a government project. As local governments, it is our right to support and demand this project. In a city with the best airport, universities and health facilities, in a city that is a metropolitan, regular train or high speed train is a very normal demand. In this context, we will do our best to work with Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş and our deputies. Accordingly, we state that this may be a need of the Army rather than an election promise. Because now is the time. Ordu has become a metropolitan city and must have high-speed trains. Because high-speed train Turkey's Ankara-most by our government in the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara and Konya, which entered service in Ankara and Sivas. Now, the Ankara-Çorum-Samsun route is on the agenda. It would be nice if it was for the army. We are satisfied, demand and follow up. "



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