Yellow strips disappeared one by one at Ankaray stations

Yellow strips disappeared one by one at Ankaray stations: one-on-one yellow strips disappeared one by one, allowing visually impaired people to move comfortably in Ankaray stations. Disabled people reacting to the situation request the renewal of the strips.

People with disabilities who experience difficulties with the yellow strips on the streets and streets of the capital, face the same problem with the rail public transportation system Ankaray. Dikimevi, Kurtulus, College, Kizilay, Demirtepe, Maltepe, Tandogan, Beşevevler, Bahçelievler, Emek, ASTİ, including the 11 stop station, which is removed from the station at the time of the yellow strips are not renewed. The disabled citizens who emphasize that the sensible surfaces are vital for them,, It is not possible to reach the place by following the yellow strip on the streets of Ankara. At least we want to find our way at public transport stations. The strips may come off, but we don't understand why it's not being repaired. Ş


Şerafettin Hasanoğlu, the President of the Association of Active Visually Impaired People who argued that there are serious obstacles to the emergence of disabled citizens, said,
Ler Yellow strips in Ankaray stations disappear one by one. This is because the vacuum cleaners are very powerful. In addition, because the strips are self-adhesive after a while. 15 years ago that this material was tested abroad used in Turkey and was abandoned. There are either stone blocks or directions by navigation. The information we receive from our authorities will not be renewed, even if the yellow stripes break, disappear. In this case, the strips will be erased slowly. Bu


The red carpet placed on the yellow strip in front of the main building of the Metropolitan Municipality, which is the implementer of the sensible surfaces, draws attention. Following the yellow line with a straight line, disabled citizens coming to the front of the building have a hard time due to the fact that the spot which is the point and which means the place to turn is under the red carpet.

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