The latest situation in Honaz Tunnel, which will connect Ankara and Antalya

Final situation in Honaz Tunnel, which will connect Ankara and Antalya: In DENİZLİ, drilling work of 2 thousand 540 meters long, which will connect Ankara Highway to Antalya Highway, continues. Denizli Governor Şükrü Kocatepe studied the works with his delegation on site. Control Chief Ali Erkut said that excavation progress was achieved in the right tunnel 380 meters and in the left tunnel 280 meters.
The works started in July last for the Honaz Mountain Tunnel, which will connect the Ankara Highway, which has an important function in the Denizli Ring Road Project, to the Antalya Highway, continues. Governor Şükrü Kocatepe went to Ovacik District with the Provincial Police Chief Hüseyin Namal, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Cengiz Yıldız and the Honor Mayor of AK Party, Turgut Devicioğlu, and examined the works in the tunnel on site. Kocatepe, who entered the tunnel by wearing a hard hat, gave information to the 27th Highways Chief Sait Arıduman, the contractor representative and the Supervisor Chief Ali Erkut.
Control Chief Ali Erkut; 380 meter in the right tube tunnel, said that the 280 meter in the left tube tunnel is provided for progression of excavation. Erkut, a passage in the tunnel 750 meters, including 3 pieces of tunnels between the transition points, the next days of the exit of the tunnel excavations will start, 1.5 said they would try to complete the year. Control Chief Erkut, NATM tunneling method with all the slope support in the tunnels excavated and 19 meter-length canopy structures are completed.
The length of each of the construction started in July will be 2 thousand 540 meters Honaz Mountain Tunnel, Denizli Ring Road 2. Ankara road will connect the road to Antalya. Denizli Ring Road 1 between Kumkısık-Laodikya-Kale crossroads. The stage was opened to traffic in 2011. Denizli, Buldan, Pamukkale and Civril, Dinar line will continue to the direction of Antalya-Muğla, and the road will be in transit without entering Denizli city center.

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