Ankara will be the capital of high-speed train

Ankara will be the capital of the high-speed train: The government will engage rail systems to ensure that citizens can reach the airports easily and quickly.

According to the National Regional Development Strategy, Turkey will speak again with iron örütül network. Accordingly, rail system connections will be established and strengthened in order to increase the accessibility of the important airports, especially metropolitan cities and tourism cities, with their settlements.

The international airports, which are considered suitable, will be connected to the high-speed train system.

Istanbul-Antalya transport corridor along the metropolises and metropolitan cities around the cities of the prominent high quality rail lines connecting the nature of tourism will be established.

Railway connections will be strengthened along the northeast-southeast axis. Ankara will be the high speed train center and high speed train connections will be provided between the metropolitan areas.

In the east-west (Kars-Erzurum-Sivas-Ankara-Istanbul-Edirne) and north-south (SamsunAntalya, Samsun-Mersin-Iskenderun, Istanbul-Antalya) along the transportation corridors, the cities with prominent cities and metropolitan cities are integrated with high standard railway lines. It will be.


Within the scope of the plan, the transportation infrastructure developed in the east-west direction will be developed along the north-south axes and the connections of low-income regions to ports, metropolises and tourism regions will be strengthened.

Through the Ankara-Samsun-Artvin line, Ankara Erzurum-Van line over Ankara and the development corridors along the Adana-Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa-Şırnak line will increase the country's east-west integration and strengthen relations with foreign countries.

International trade opportunities will be developed especially in the settlements in the East and Southeast regions.


Throughout the north-south axes such as Trabzon-Diyarbakır, Van-Trabzon, Samsun-Mersin, Samsun-Antalya, access to the ports will be increased, integration will be provided in the internal market and integration with the external economic geography will be strengthened.

Integration of important ports, such as Çandarlı and Filyos, to national transportation network will be ensured.

The integration of the ports to national transport networks, primarily through railways within the sphere of influence, will be strengthened. In particular, the new industrial centers in the inner parts and the important metropolises will be provided with railways that allow fast, efficient and affordable freight transportation with ports.

The use of maritime transportation will be increased in domestic transportation, and transportation will be supported in appropriate rivers and lakes (natural and dam lake); local production and service sectors associated with transport in inland waters will be encouraged.


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