All roads will be modernized

All Roads Will Be Modernized in Hatay: The teams affiliated with the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department continue the road maintenance and repair works it carries out throughout the province.
Continuing the hot asphalt paving works from Antakya Kavaslı Bridge to Honda Junction, the teams completed the 800 meters long hot asphalt paving in Subaşı District of Defne district. In addition, hot asphalting works were completed 250 meters on Samandağ Hıdırbey Caddesi and 950 meters on Samandağ TOKİ road. The teams, which continue the ground excavation work on the 6 thousand 700 meters long road that will continue from the opposite side of the Sinanlı District of the Defne district to the Harbiye District road junction, continue to work on the paving and gravel laying on the 1100 meter long road in the Tomruksuyu District of Samandağ.
Metropolitan Municipality teams also continue to work on asphalt, parquet, culvert and bridge in Dörtyol, Payas, Arsuz, Antakya, Kumlu and Belen. Metropolitan Mayor Lütfü Savaş stated that they will work on all roads that are under their authority in Hatay.




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