AK Party Candidates Investigated High Speed ​​Train Activities in Yozgat

Candidates from the AK Party Examined High Speed ​​Train Works in Yozgat: AK Party Kayseri deputy candidates Yaşar Karayel and İsmail Tamer examined the high-speed train line in Yerköy, Yozgat.

Yaşar Karayel and İsmail Tamer, candidates for AK Party Kayseri deputy, made examinations on the high-speed train line in Yozgat Yerköy. Deputies stated that in 2018, high-speed train services will start from Kayseri.

Yaşar Karayel, and İsmail Tamer, candidates for AK Party Kayseri deputy, examined the high-speed train route in Yerköy, Yozgat, where they went to make a series of visits and examinations. Deputy candidates Karayel and Tamer, and later visited Boğazlıyan Deputy Mayor Ahmet Deniz.

Making a statement about the high-speed train infrastructure works of the Yerköy line, Karayel said, “When this line is finished, I hope the Kayseri line will be finished. The cost of this line will cost 1 billion 800 million. This area is the crossroads of the road to Kayseri. This road is also the section where the wing structures of Yozgat, Sivas road will be built. Kayseri road will also be connected to this road. 139 km will be connected as double line. Kayseri connection road will be completed simultaneously with Sivas, Yozgat road. I hope we will start carrying passengers as of 2018. With the completion of these roads, they will be able to reach Ankara in 2.5 hours. " He spoke in the form.

The candidates of the deputies then visited the police station due to the Police Week and left the district.



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