Adana-Mersin trains travel in primitive conditions

Traveling in primitive conditions on Adana-Mersin trains: People traveling under primitive conditions on TCDD trains running between Adana and Mersin came to the brink of rebellion. The intensity of TCDD puts citizens in a difficult situation. From time to time, there are congestions from the crowd, and the journey turns into an ordeal due to the lack of seat capacity.

Especially sick, elderly and pregnant people have to travel standing up for minutes. University students, who have to travel from Adana to Mersin and from Mersin to Adana every day, suffer from this situation.


Citizens stated that there are not enough wagons on TCDD trains running between Adana and Mersin, but the authorities remain insensitive despite many complaints. Citizens yok there is no place for the crowd to step in wagons. They are humiliating people by superimposing them, and people become sick due to lack of air. Each time the confluence takes place, the 1 hour turns into an ordeal. We are embarrassed with our money, they see the passengers as an object ”.


The stampede in TCDD leaves the officials in a difficult situation. There may be discussions on the trains, especially due to the safety compartment reserved for the safety of the public. This increases the stress of the staff even though they have no crime or authority. It causes ugly pictures on trains.


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