Sabuncubeli Tunnel Construction Has Stopped


Sabuncubeli Tunnel construction stopped: The construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel between Izmir and Manisa stopped due to the bankruptcy of the contractor firm Kocoglu Group of Companies.
The construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which was started on September 15, 9 to reduce the distance between Manisa and Izmir to 2011 minutes by road, and is among the crazy projects of the government, stopped completely on November 4, 2014, when the company went bankrupt.


Koçoglu Group of Companies, the main shareholder of Sabuncubeli AŞ, which was among the '35 İzmir 35 Projects' announced for İzmir and received the tender with the build-operate-transfer model, went bankrupt. Although the works in the tunnel stopped on November 4, 2014, it could not be tendered again as there were no new buyers. His crazy project was disappointing as no steps have been taken yet to build the tunnel with public resources.

According to the information obtained from the İzmir 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways, it will reduce the distance between Manisa and Izmir to 15 minutes by road. On the Izmir side of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, it has reached 416 meters in the left tube and 341 meters in the right tube. In the entrance structure on the Manisa side of the tunnel, it was possible to drill 70 meters in the left tube and 223 meters in the right tube. In total, 564 meters progress was made in the right tube and a thousand 486 meters in the left tube.


If it is completed, the Sabuncubeli Tunnel project would consist of a 2,8 × 1,24 lane road with a total length of 4,4 kilometers, including 2 kilometers of tunnel and 2 kilometers of access roads in the Sabuncubeli location of the Izmir-Manisa road. Work in the tunnel ceased on November 4, 2014 due to the financial difficulties of the Koçoglu Group of Companies.

Highways Izmir 2. The Regional Directorate stated that the works related to the termination of the existing contract and the tender for the new tender were continued, and the workers' receivables were evaluated under the contract and the legal procedure related to the issue was reported.



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