Accident at Level Crossing in Kayseri

At Kayseri Level Crossing Accident 1 Dead: At Kayseri level crossing accident: 1 dead At KAYSERİ, the old man, who laid the gravel on the railways, died at the level crossing.

In KAYSERİ, the old man, whose railroad construction machine laying stone chips on railways, hit at the level crossing, died.

The incident occurred at the level crossing in the Cırgalan neighborhood of Kocasinan district. The 70-year-old Vezir Öner, who wants to cross the railway on foot, was hit by a gravelly loaded 06 BN 8862 plate machine that can go both on the railway and on the road. While the old man died at the scene, his relatives and residents flocked to the scene. The relatives of the deceased man battered the driver who used the work machine and broke the windows of the vehicle with stones. The construction equipment driver was taken to the police station with a team car. Meanwhile, people around the scene who reacted to ready-mixed concrete trucks using the level crossing, stoned the trucks. While the police teams took extensive security measures in the environment, they also tried to calm those accumulated in the environment. Meanwhile, 112 medical teams, who came to the scene of the deceased Vezir Öner's relatives who had a nervous breakdown, intervened in the ambulance. After the investigation by the Crime Scene Investigation teams, the funeral of the deceased man was taken to the morgue of the Training and Research Hospital by ambulance upon the instructions of the prosecutor. The investigation about this case is still ongoing.

Citizens reacting to the accident suggested that the barriers at the level crossing on the railroad passing near the neighborhood were often broken by truck drivers carrying ready-mixed concrete. Citizens said, “When barriers at level crossing are broken, vehicles pass by no means, trains trainers use this level crossing uncontrolled. There is an accident every week at the level crossing between the neighborhood and the school. We have no security of life. Let the authorities find a solution to this problem. ”

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