Istanbul's roads will be paved at night

Istanbul's roads will be asphalted at night: According to the statement made by the municipality, the maintenance of the methods and the asphalt works started with the arrival of the spring period. Teams, roads to fix the deterioration of the asphalt repair, partial coating (patch) and full coating will do.
The teams will perform the asphalt renovation works on the European and Anatolian sides, mainly the main arteries, after midnight, without hampering the traffic. The work will take place between 23.00 and 05.00. Night work will provide safety for citizens with light security and orientation signs.
Within the scope of the study, it is planned to renew the asphalt of the total 399 main access road on both sides. During the studies 2 bin 300 element, 18 scraper, 24 robot, 22 patch, 16 cylinder, 45 paver (asphalt paver) will make the mission throughout the season.
2 million tons of asphalt will be poured into Istanbul's main streets for renovation, new construction and restoration.



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