Iraq and Iran negotiate railway line

Iraq and Iran signed a railway line agreement: a new railway line between Iraq and Iran was reached.

An agreement was reached on the establishment of a new railway line between Iraq and Iran.

At a joint press conference with Iranian Minister of Transport and Urbanism Abbas Ahundi, Iraqi Transport Minister Bakir ez-Zubeydi agreed with Iran on the construction of a 32,5 kilometer-long railway line between Basra in the south of Iraq and Shalami on the Iranian border. he said.

Stating that the cost of the project that will connect Iraq to many countries, as well as facilitate transportation with Iran, will be covered by the country, Zübeydi said that the bridge planned to pass over the "Şatt'ül-Arab", where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers merge before flowing into the sea from the Persian Gulf. He noted that Iran will cover its expenses.

Stating that the ministry has completed all preparations for the project in question, Zübeydi stated that the railway line, which aims to connect Iraq to China via Iran, will start soon.

Iranian Transport and Urbanization Minister Ahundi stated that the construction cost of the bridge, which will pass over the "Şatt'ül-Arab", is 45 million dollars, and its construction is planned to be completed within 20 months.

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