After the 4 year, the Siirt ring road studies started

After the 4 year, Siirt ring road works were started: The works started on 2010 in Siirt and the ring road stopped by the court with the appeal of the owners of vineyards, 4 started again after the year.
The works started on 2010 construction in Siirt and on the ring road stopped by the court with the objection of the owners of vineyards, 4 resumed after the year.
As a result of the negotiations between the Directorate of Highways and the owners of vineyards, the Siirt ring road works which were stopped in 2011 started again with the vehicles of the Highways Branch Chief.
Sabahattin Direk, the Highways Siirt Branch Chief, who made a statement to the journalists at the place where the works were carried out, said that they have started working with a scoop on the ring road, which started from 2010 and stopped for various reasons, and they aim to be completed in a short time. Direct, “May it be good for Siirt, for the people of Siirt. We ended the problems caused by noise and visual pollution left by the heavy tonnage vehicles passing through the city center for 4 years with these works we started today. Our biggest wish is to ensure that the contractor company finishes this road as soon as possible. ”
The total cost of the project is composed of 21 million 160 thousand liras and the road is composed of 7.2 kilometers.

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