90 Annual Ottoman Dream Konya-Antalya Train Project

90-Year Ottoman Dream Konya-Antalya Train Project: Selcuk University (SU) Literature Faculty History Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Muşmal emphasized that Konya-Antalya Train Project, which is expected to be implemented, is a 90-year-old project, “Within the scope of the project, which has been a dream of 90 years, Konya-Antalya route is envisaged to pass through Beyşehir.

Selçuk University (SU) Faculty of Letters Department of History Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Muşmal emphasized that the Konya-Antalya Train Project, which is expected to be implemented, is an annual project of 90 and said, layarak 90 is an annual dream.
Assoc. Dr. Muşmal, in his statement, stated that the railway project is a historic dream for the local people, and that this project has come to the fore in 90 years ago. In the proposal given to the Ministry of Public Works in 1928, the railway line in question is projected to pass through Beyşehir. X

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Muşmal stated that the decree prepared by the Prime Ministry on the project, which was approved by the Prime Ministry, was approved and accepted by President Mustafa Kemal at that time. According to the project, it is foreseen that the railway line between Konya and Antalya is expected to be passed through Beyşehir.
Muşmal, 90 Konya-Antalya railway project, which was pushed to implement the year before, did not make any progress in the next process, but after many years of interruption, the issue came to the agenda again in the scope of the fast train project.
Muşmal gave the following information about the content of the decree which included information on the Konya-Antalya railway line project published in those days:
Arasında In 1928, Hamid Ziya Pasha, who is the deputy of the Fund Jallas group, made an application to the Ministry of Public Works (, Ministry of Public Works') by the Ministry of Public Works. railway construction project. The Pasha made some proposals to the Government at the time in his application on how and in what manner the railway could be built. This project of Hamid Ziya Pasha was communicated to the Prime Ministry from the Ministry of Public Works (Ministry of Public Works). The project was also asked about the opinion of the General Staff of Erkan-ı Harbiye (General Staff). Erkan-ı Harbiye Riyaseti (General Staff Presidency), the project is very important, the project was very convenient and even contributed to the route and made some suggestions.
The railway line planned to reach Ankara via Manavgat-Beyşehir-Konya-Aksaray-Kırşehir by Erkan-ı Harbiye Riyaset (General Staff Presidency) is directed to Kayseri, not to Ankara after Aksaray, thus Arabsun, Nevşehir, Avanos, Urgup, such as the passing of accidents and military service is appropriate to be considered to be very important. In addition to the construction of the Manavgat-Beyşehir-Konya line, the connection between Beyşehir- Eğirdir and Afyon-Dinar was proposed. Thus, the realization of the project underlined that the railway connection between the coast and Konya will be established and in this case it will be very important both military and economic. The project was consulted by the government and no financial burden was created to the government. The decree was signed by President Mustafa Kemal and the members of the Delegates of the Executive Committee and a decree was issued on 9 September 1928. Konu

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