3. Latest situation on the bridge

  1. The last situation on the bridge: The giant deck of the third bridge, which will connect the two sides of Istanbul, weighs 950 tons, and was placed after 14 hours of work. The last point reached on the bridge was also viewed from the air.

Work on the third bridge in Istanbul, which is under construction, continues at full speed. In recent months, the first deck of the third bridge was placed in its place with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan. After the first deck of the third bridge, the giant deck weighing 950 tons was placed on the European side. The giant deck, which weighs two Airbus A380 model aircraft, was designed to pass over an 24-lane highway and 8-lane railway line with a width of 2 meters. Sheet materials from South Korea were turned into a steel deck in Yalova Altınova after the operations in Izmit Gebze and Istanbul Tuzla. The giant deck of 950 tons prepared in Yalova Altınova was brought to the feet of the third bridge by a special cargo ship. The steel deck was landed with the help of a floating crane with a carrying capacity of 800 tons. With the help of cranes on the land, the assembly process of the deck, which was placed on the bridge, was completed after 14 hours of uninterrupted work.

The number of steel decks with a weight of 950 tons will be 59 in total. It took 1 week for the giant decks that were built to be brought from Yalova and placed on the bridge. The new steel decks are expected to be brought in 10 days with favorable weather conditions.

The last part of the bridge is viewed from the air

The final version of the third bridge, whose construction is highly anticipated, was viewed from the air by the İhlas News Agency (İHA). Cranes brought from abroad are kept ready for the decks to be assembled on the bridge. The images taken from the air show the concrete construction of the towers of the third bridge and the route of the Northern Marmara Motorway.



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