3 billion Euros under the 3rd Airport

3 billion Euros below the 3rd Airport: Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir answered the questions of the press members
Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding, stated that there is no deviation in the calendar of the 3rd airport and that the first stage will be opened on October 29, 2017. Meeting with the press members, Özdemir stated that the investment planned for the first phase is 5.5-6 billion Euros and said, “More than one third of this, nearly half of it will go to ground improvement and infrastructure. In other words, it will go to operations such as soil, canals, filling ”.
While Özdemir stated that 4.5 billion Euros will be used as a loan, why we work with Turkish banks “Our loan process with local banks took 7-8 months. If there were foreigners it would take more than 1 year. Because the approvals of foreigners take a long time.
“We are moving faster with Turkish banks because they are short,” he said. Özdemir, who is frequently involved in electricity distribution privatizations, said that the Privatization Administration has achieved very successful works and said, “When you look at the money given, they made very good money. They sold it for money without facilities that were not in privatizations. This is good for them, bad for us. They sold at very good prices ”he said. Özdemir also sees the limited foreign interest in privatization, “We have not seen foreigners in privatization much, because they say, 'Get the company, get it on track, align it with international standards, then we can' We expect foreign investors to come as second investors, ”he said.
Özdemir evaluated the discussions on electricity bills regarding BEDAŞ as follows: “There are bill complaints, but they are definitely less than in the state period. Citizens' perception has changed because of privatization, expectations are increasing exponentially, but we manage much better than the state. But the expectations are high. There is some media influence. The media says, "If it becomes privatized, it should be like Spain and Denmark at a time." We need time."
Özdemir said, “We have talks about whether they would be interested in buying the Mardan Palace in Antalya, which has been charged with debts. I don't know what the result will be, but there is a meeting, ”he said. Regarding the group's short-term energy plans, Özdemir said, “We will invest $ 2015 billion in electricity generation in 1. Although it seems like there is an excess supply at the moment, demand will increase after the election in our opinion. We expect demand to exceed supply in 2017, ”he said.
Ozdemir, said about the blackouts experienced in Turkey last week: "Everybody should learn from this process. Electricity production increased, investments increased, but the transmission channels to carry did not improve at the same pace. This is the problem. The public needs to invest, if they say to the private sector, 'You do these too,' we are ready to do so. Our Hamitabat Power Plant was a savior in case of failure. We isolated our power plant, got electricity from Bulgaria, and put the system up. Then we gave it to other power plants. "

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