3. bridge decking ceremony ceremony was held

  1. Bridge deck welding ceremony was held: Feridun Bilgin, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, said that the total weight of the Yavuz Selim Sultan Bridge, which is still under construction, will exceed 46 thousand tons. The deck of the 3rd bridge was brought to the construction site after a 10-hour sea voyage.

Bilgin, Yavuz Selim Sultan Bridge main deck welding ceremony in his speech, today the weight of the 4 Boeing aircraft, which is the weight of the steel plate assembly realized that they realize the 911 tons. The bridge will be the longest suspension bridge in the world, with the main opening of the thousand 408 meters.


The total length of the bridge along with the edge openings of the 2 thousand 160 meters, and also the height of the 322 meter with the highest tower in the world that the information that the bridge Bilgin, the average weight of steel decks 850 tons, each of which consists of 24 meter length. Emphasizing that the total weight of the bridge will pass 46 thousand tons, Bilgin underlined that the steel decks used in the construction of the bridge were produced locally in the facilities in Tuzla and Yalova.

The main section of the bridge, which is placed first and carries the bridge. One of the most important parts of the bridge bridges.

Today, the ceremony was performed at the 10 hour of the deck was given information about the sea Bilgin, said:


Iklim Climatic conditions are very important in the next process. We will assemble a deck on 7-8 here and here. During the installation of each deck, we close the sea traffic and throat traffic for safety reasons. Therefore, in order to affect the traffic in Istanbul in the least way, we also have a very important coordination with our friends who manage the sea traffic, the General Directorate of Coastal Safety, the Istanbul Harbor Master. En Minister Bilgin, made.



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